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Cricut Cartridges  v.1.0 - Cricut Cartridge All Mixed Up. All Mixed Up cartridge is one of the many font cartridges. Designed by Cynthea Sandoval, this specific cartridge makes use of characters that are very

Cricut Expression  v.1.0

Cricut Expression screensaver. Top 5 from cricut expression screensaver for free

5430 Refill  v.1.0

Konica Minolta 5430 Refill Kits toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find refill kits for the Konica Minolta 1710580-001, 1710580-002, 1710580-003, 1710580-004 toner cartridges. These popular toner cartridges work in the Konica Minolta 5430 series of color

Software, Video Games and More!  v.1.0

From ink cartridges to talking dictionaries and everything in between! You are sure to find a great deal on software, DVD/CD games, movies, XBOX and other video games! We also have bundles on games, DVD movies and other digital

Print Saver  v.1.0.1

Ink Factory Print Saver plays different sound effects when you hit the print button. Whilst you're configuring your printjob, you'll hear the sound of a chainsaw revving up and idling. If you print, you'll here the sound of a tree falling whilst the

AndroMDA Plugins  v.1.0

This project is a community platform for plug-ins for the code generator AndroMDA. Here, users of AndroMDA can share and contribute any plug-in they like, e.g. cartridges, repositories, template-engines, metafacades, translation libraries, and so

Diesel File Generator  v.0.5

Diesel is a generic file generator that uses domain-specific model files and reusable cartridges to create directories of output

ENES : Emu Nova Entertainment System  v.2005.10.17

ENES is a video game preservation initiative : we develop both hardware & software to extract data from video game cartridges such as NES. We do not provide roms through our website because of

GBXM  v.1.0

GBXM is a Nintendo GB/GBC emulator for Windows.This software supports most gameboy cartridges.This software requires DirectX 9 or

Romdigger  v.0.2.0

Romdigger is a small library that would allow to extract info from rom files (images of game cartridges for old game consoles - like dendy, sega, nintendo etc) - game name, description, preview image etc and to view it in kde file

Licut  v.1.0

licut is a lightweight suite of software tools for sending Inkscape SVG files to a Cricut cutting device. Currently tested with Cricut Cake running firmware v2.35, running on Ubuntu 9.04 and cross-compiled for arm-linux on Chumby

Mapasuta  v.1.0

Mapasuta is a modular task tracker application for managing and archiving tasks. It consists of several modules and cartridges.

Maven-ISH-Plugin  v.1.0

The Goal of this Project is to develop, build and deploy ISH-Cartridges using Maven.

ORM Modeling Plug-in for Eclipse  v.1.0

Eclipse GMF/EMF based graphical editor for creating ORM diagrams (object-relational Mapping) and code generator. Three cartridges (based on openArchitectureWare) are provided currently: Java Persistence API (JPA), Grails ORM (GORM) and Django Models.

SSC Service Utility  v.4.30

Alows you to do many amazing things with Your Epson printer

Aero Fighters  v.1.0

Aero Fighters (known as Sonic Wings in Japan) is a vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up ("shmup") arcade game released in 1992 by Video System, ported to the Super Famicom in 1993 and the Super Nintendo in 1994

Project Secretary  v.1.0

Project Secretary is an awesome piece of software that will enable you to easily keep track of all your tasks and projects. Quickly add and manage all your projects from one interface and never miss a deadline again.

Cockroaches  v.1.5

Cockroaches have invaded your house. They are so numerous that they are not at all scared to run about the room and are paying no notice whatever of you. You can defeat the beasts by fumigating them with the help of a special team. You may act as a

Canon i-SENSYS LBP3010 Driver  v.3.10

Canon i-SENSYS LBP3010 Driver 3.10 comes as a free yet flexible and high-efficient desktop laser printer which is perfect for your personal use. It offers professional output with quiet, maintenance-free operation and exceptional ease of

Canon i-SENSYS LBP3100 Driver  v.3.10

Canon i-SENSYS LBP3100 Driver 3.10 comes as a free yet helpful space-saving desktop laser printer with which you can print professional quality documents fast and efficiently. Save time, cut energy costs and enjoy easy, quiet and maintenance-free

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